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First off I would like to thank all of you that have responded to the message board and e-mail.

This site will tell you a little bit about me and why I do what I do.



I retired in 1988 to pursue a life long dream of playing the horse's. When I was working, I always had time and the money to pursue this dream and went quite regular to tracks in the mid-west. After I retired, I also went regular to the Fairgrounds in the winter, then to Oaklawn in the spring and then on to Louisiana Downs during the summer. However, I discovered one important thing about myself. I am not a gambler, never was, and never will be. That's scary when you are trying  to make your living at something that requires laying out the money to get some back. Also, I found that because of not being a gambler that my handicapping took a serious turn to the left and where I used to hit quite a few good horse's, I begin to not be able to get the return that is required to sustain life. In 1986 before I retired, I meet a friend at Louisiana Downs that had transferred from Little Rock to Shreveport to work and then retire there. My friend is a computer guru and had started to go to the track after retiring, and begin to develop a computer program to enhance the chances of winning at the track. I begin to give a little input to Vernon in development stage one ,of the program ,and we continued to work on the program for several years. Vernon, then moved east for several years and we lost touch, but in recent years, we are back living close to each other and continue to work on his program along  with other good handicappers. This program is the major source of how I handicap races, and in my opinion is one of the best if not the best in use today. More on that later.

How do I really know that I'm not a gambler, well when my wife and I go to a casino, which we do quite a bit, I play the nickel slot machines. My money is mine and I worked hard to get it and do not want to throw it away. That's final. Anyway, the reason that I decided to put this page up was to explain that the horse's I put up to win,place or show are the exact same horse's that I play when I go to the track. Yes, I occasionally go to the track today. The handicapping has become more of a hobby to me and I work very hard at getting better each and every day. I spend several hours each day on the program to put up the best horse's that I can. All handicapping programs . whether, the Drform, newspaper, tout sheet, etc. will hit at a 30% win rate. And, as long as that 30% returns more back than was spent out, it has to be called successful. The major difference that I have noted in recent years is the Win horse does not offer a very good return, as all track have gone to exotic racing and the money is being spent on exacta's and trifecta's and so on. Therefore you have to work smarter to hit these race's. Money makes money and to be successful at this game, you had better be able to outlay a little cash to get more back. In most race's three horse's have a chance to be in the money return scheme of things, but how they finish is the important part of the problem. There are times when I know that a particular horse will win, (unless he drops dead or other trouble occurs) and I could feel confident of making that a Best Bet. But in honesty, this does not happen very often, so I try to put up three horse's for Win money and four for the exotic's. In my opinion, however, the way I place them is how I expect them to run except when there is more than one early speed horse's in the race, or only one in the race. Then the closing horse becomes the better bet, but again it's all about return on your money and the best bet is the overlay compared to the odds of that horse winning a particular race.

The program takes most of the above into account and provides a pretty reliable odds line and also with the new stk2000 program will run a simulation race to help you in picking the best of the horse's for a particular race. These can be found at

The bottom line is when I get good enough, in my own opinion, I would like to make a little money for my efforts. So, this site could change to pay in the future.

Again thanks for your responses

and Good Luck